Colorado's Brittany Wagoner Named Miss High Times 2010

We know there are a number of people out there who've been holding their breath for this. Well, ladies and gentlemen, the moment has arrived. April 20 has puffed, puffed and passed, and High Times Magazine has anointed Miss High Times 2010. No surprise, she's a Coloradoan.

Brittany Wagoner, originally hails from Laughlin, NV, but moved to Denver at the age of 19. Only after interacting with Colorado NORML, however, did her real interest in Marijuana start to grow.

Regarding NORML, Brittany says, "I had always smoked, but I met these people who were so committed and I began to learn about the plant. Then they introduced me to these growers who were just as devoted to the plant."

Wagoner now is part of a 6-person grow operation in the Denver suburbs, learning about medical marijuana cultivation. Regarding cannabis, the queen says, "more than anything else [it has taught me] that we need community to achieve things."

She plans to the crown to raise awareness of the benefits of legalization, cut through the haze surrounding marijuana's medical qualities, and maybe touch a few lives in the process.

Some of her favorite activities are "spinning lights, meditating, hitting my bong and my Incredibowl, tending the garden, and chillin' with my chinchilla."