06/22/2010 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

#NickCleggsFault: British Politician Becomes Twitter Meme

Cleggmania is facing its biggest backlash today, with right-wing British newspapers attacking Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg's integrity. In response, Twitter users are adopting the hashtag #nickcleggsfault .

By lunch time in the UK, the topic was the third most popular in the entire world.

However, what may well have started as an anti-Clegg movement, now appears to be shaping up as a satiric swipe at the British media's cynical backlash against Clegg.

As Charles Arthur from The Guardian writes:

The rapid responses on Twitter indicate just how much shorter the feedback loop now is for the mainstream media and electors - and how dangerous it can be to attack politicians who are riding a wave of popularity.

Clegg is being blamed for everything from the small...

To the big...

His role in the Thin White Duke's creative fallow period has been revealed...

And perhaps the most damningly:

Let us know of any other great #NickCleggsFault you find in the comments.