07/07/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

George Huguely Attacked Sleeping Teammate After Hearing He Kissed Yeardley Love, Sources Say (NEWS)

George Huguely allegedly attacked a lacrosse teammate in 2009 after hearing that the man kissed his ex-girlfriend Yeardley Love, according to new source reports in the Washington Post.

Huguely and Love were dating at the time.

Four sources gave the Post reports of the attack on the condition of anonymity.

One source said that the player whom Huguely attacked walked Love home from a bar in February 2009 after a night of partying. When Huguely discovered this happened, he "went into [the player's] room at night and laid into him pretty good," the source said. The player had been sleeping.

Huguely and the player informed their coach, Dom Starsia, of the fight, and Starsia told the entire team, though the Post reports it is not clear if any punishment was pursued nor if the coach reported the incident to school authorities. The player, who was good friends with Love, suffered visible injuries.

Sources say that Huguely and Love appeared happy together shortly after the incident.

A story today in the New York Daily News reported that Huguely was "obsessive" about Love, "constantly texting and calling [her] to the point that people close to her worried about the relationship."

And ABC News has shed new light about an episode two years ago during which Huguely's father called the police on him:

The temper of the University of Virginia lacrosse player accused of killing his ex-girlfriend was on full display in 2008 when the suspect's father called Florida police to the family's luxurious yacht with a domestic abuse complaint.

When police motored out to the yacht, George Huguely V jumped into the Atlantic Ocean and began swimming to shore, according to the Palm Beach Sheriff's Office.

No arrests were made in that incident.

Officials at the University of Virginia have said that they were unaware of Huguely's past scrapes with the law, which include a 2008 arrest.