07/07/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

TSA Screener Attacks Colleagues After Being Teased Over Penis Size

One of the lingering effects of last year's Christmas Crotchfire incident is that full-body scanners suddenly became the hot new thing in airport security, with scanner-pimp Michael Chertoff promoting their efficacy on the teevee. But many were worried that the full-body screener, and the nudie images they produce, could lead to all sorts of privacy abuses. Maybe they should have been worried about how the screeners could potentially lead employees of the Transportation Safety Administration to start beating each other with batons:

A Miami International Airport federal security screener has been arrested for allegedly using an expandable police baton to beat up a co-worker.

The source of their conflict, police say: daily ribbing about the size of the screener's genitalia.

Screener Rolando Negrin's private body parts were observed by his Transportation Security Administration colleagues conducting training on the airport's full-body imaging machines.

Months of joking culminated on Tuesday night, when Negrin attacked co-worker Hugo Osorno in an employee parking lot, according to an arrest report.

Negrin "stated he could not take the jokes any more and lost his mind,'' said the report, made public Thursday.

I imagine it's comforting to know that your TSA is out there, handling these sensitive, full-body exposures with the high degree of professionalism for which they are known.

Hey, at least nobody pulled one million dollars of advertising revenue from the Village Voice over this dick joke.

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