05/10/2010 03:38 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

NYC Assignment Desk: Ricky Gervais, Celebrity Chefs and a F**king Party

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Ricky Gervais

The imitable British comedian performs at Madison Square Garden.

What: Performance
When: Wednesday, May 12th 8pm
Wanted: Writer, Photographer
Where:The Theater at Madison Square Garden
4 Penn Plaza
New York, NY 10001

A Taste of Home: Celebrity Chef Tasting and Benefit

A tasting of luxe comfort food, courtesy of Michael Anthony, Elizabeth Karmel, Brad Farmerie, Alexandra Guarnaschelli. The event is hosted by Top Chef's Gail Simmons. All proceeds go towards fighting AIDS and homelessness.

What: Tasting
When: Thursday, May 13, 7pm
Wanted: Photographer, Videographer, Writer
Where: Housing Works Bookstore Cafe
126 Crosby St
New York, NY 10012

The F**king Party

Bring an assortment of your most unique swearwords and dance your a** off.

What: Party
When: Thursday, May 13, 7pm.
Wanted: Writer, Photographer
Where: Royale NYC
157 Avenue C
New York, NY 10009

The Manhattan Cocktail Classic

A festival comprised of several events celebrating the history and current renaissance of the cocktail.

What: Cocktail Event
When:May 14-18.
Wanted: Writer, Videographer
Where: Various

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