05/11/2010 12:09 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

State Department Terrorist List Presents Problem For Citizenship-Stripping Legislation

I hate to keep harping on the fact that Senators Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.) Scott Brown (R-Mass.) and Representatives Jason Altmire (D-Penn.) and Charlie Dent (R-Penn.) are a sort of bicameral Never Think Things Through Caucus with their attempt to get a law passed that will force law enforcement officials to undergo lengthy and difficult pre-trial proceedings to prove that suspects in terror cases acted with the specific intention of renouncing their citizenship -- a process that will inject needless delays into the judicial proceedings in order to achieve a cosmetic result.

But that's exactly what they are: a group of legislators who really need to think these things through. Need another example why? Well, the proposed legislation would initiate these proceedings against anyone suspected of being associated with any of the terrorist organizations recognized by the State Department. Animal NY's Bucky Turco notes that there's a "problem" with that: "The terrorist group that Faisal Shazad is linked to, the Pakistani Taliban, isn't even on the list, nor their associates. Oops?"

An oops, but a wee one, as chances are good the State Department may revisit their list. Still, it's a good example of what happens when legislators experience an amygdala-driven freakout to events.

Meanwhile, another group that Shahzad has been linked to, the Bluetooth Douchebags, are also still allowed to fly commercial, to the great and wearying detriment of us all.

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