05/15/2010 04:47 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Chicago LOSERS Of The Week (PHOTOS, POLL)

It's hard to avoid politics when finding the losers of the week. This week, there's the ex governor, the current governor and the governor wannabe. We also threw a homegrown athlete in the mix for good measure. Below, check out this week's crop of Chicago Losers, and vote on who you think is the week's biggest loser. And check out the Chicago Winners of the Week HERE.


Bill Brady

After months of talking about his 10 percent across-the-board budget cut plan, Bill Brady told reporters this week that...he never said that? He also encouraged a Capitol Fax writer to find proof that he ever suggested across-the-board cuts--which was pretty easy to do since he pitched it during a televised debate (among other places). If you are going to run a campaign that smears your opponent's budget plan, at least try to have some solid ideas of your own to share.

Rod Blagojevich

His lawyers are trying everything, but seemingly getting shut down at every turn. First they wanted the trial postponed while the U.S. Supreme Court resolved challenges to the federal honest services fraud law, a statute that forms the basis for a number of charges against Blagojevich. The judge said no. Then, they tried to subpoena President Obama--shut down again. Harry Reid and Dick Durbin have also been subpoenaed, and lawyers hope their sworn testimony will show jurors that Blago never said or did anything illegal when discussing the president's senate seat with them. If the judge lets them.

Dwyane Wade

A divorce is bad enough, but when it becomes a public circus that involves your Hollywood girlfriend and allegations of abuse--it gets extra ugly. Wade's estranged wife filed a lawsuit in Cook County accusing Wade of physical and emotional abuse. He also faces a $25 million lawsuit filed by his former partners in a failed restaurant venture in Miami. Looks like Wade just can't avoid the court--basketball or otherwise.

Pat Quinn

One after the next, organizations are shutting down due to the state failing to pay its bills. With no budget plan in sight, Governor Quinn does not look good. Things need to turn around soon for Quinn if he wants to catch up to Brady in the polls--and see another year as governor.