05/18/2010 06:52 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Ghostbusters Storm Public Library: Improv Everywhere Bust Ghosts In New York Public Library (VIDEOS)

Those pranksters over at Improv Everywhere at it again.

A group of "agents" dressed as ghosts recently paid a visit to the reading room at the budget-crunched New York Public Library, and in an homage to the famous "Ghostbusters" scene, four heroes with make-shift proton packs attempted to capture them much to the delight (and surely consternation) of readers.

SPOILER ALERT: Not only are the ghosts lucky to escape, but they should thank their lucky stars that they weren't busted under New York's tough anti-mask laws. Rikers is not some place you want to go with a white sheet over your head...

Watch the original scene below: