05/20/2010 03:58 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Top 10 Jobs Hiring The Most: Look For Work In These Industries

There's no denying it: it's a tough job market out there. Unemployment in the Chicago area reached a 27-year high of 11.6 percent earlier this year. For every available position, there are six people looking for a job.

But there are some industries where work is easier to find than others. A new report released by Manpower Inc., an employment services provider, detailed the jobs in the most demand for 2009, which should give job seekers an idea of where to look.

Some of the positions, like "doctor" or "executive," could be out of reach for the average out-of-work Chicagoan. But others on the list are more helpful. For instance, drivers and restaurant staff are still in quite high demand despite the struggling economy.

The Chicago Sun-Times reported on the Manpower surveyand shared the story of Dhruv Khanna. Khanna, a 22-year-old who recently graduated with a bachelor's in hotel management from Kendall College in Chicago, was hired as the assistant food and beverage manager at the Trump Tower.

Check out Manpower's job suggestions, and let us know what you think.

Top 10 Jobs In Highest Demand: Look For Work In These Industries
Top 10 Jobs In Highest Demand: Look For Work In These Industries