05/25/2010 12:19 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Kendra Wilkinson's Sex Tape Release Date, HUGE Paycheck, Hank's Parents React

Despite her legal battle, Kendra's sex tape is due out Wednesday, and pre-orders are the highest in the history of porn company Vivid Entertainment, Radaronline.com reports.

"Kendra has a huge fan base, and we've been literally besieged with requests to release this movie sooner rather than later," Vivid's Steven Hirsch told Radar. The company is releasing the tape a week early by popular demand and will show a preview clip on its website.

Also according to Radar, Kendra has already enjoyed a huge payday for the sex tape. Her first secret paycheck was for $680,000, and she stands to collect 50 percent of all sales.

The tapes feature an 18-year-old Kendra and her ex-boyfriend Stephen Frye in explicit bedroom scenes, and Kendra is with a woman in one. Now 24, Kendra is married to Hank Baskett and they have a baby boy.

Hank's parents are deeply religious, and Kendra had to face them at a charity golf event over the weekend. Life & Style reports:

The event, Kendra and Hank's Tee'd Off About Child Abuse Celebrity Golf Scramble, is dear to Hank's heart as it benefits a center for child-abuse victims that his dad directs in Clovis, N.M., Hank's hometown. During the reception on May 21, Kendra put on a brave face and everyone seemed to get along. Hank's father posed for photos with his daughter-in-law. "Hank's dad kept rubbing Kendra's back and calling her sweetie," a guest at the event tells Life & Style.

But the stress seemed too much for Kendra to bear. An eyewitness tells Life & Style she drank red wine and even did a shot of tequila to get through the evening, and while the party raged, Kendra practically begged Hank to let her leave at midnight. The next morning, after Hank went golfing with friends at 8 a.m., Kendra secluded herself in her room until nearly 11, emerging only with her protective mom Patti by her side and fled back to the room two hours later.