05/27/2010 04:55 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Verizon Rep Allegedly Threatened To BLOW UP Man's House Over $308 Bill (VIDEO)

"We were scared," says Verizon customer Al Burrows of a menacing phone call he reportedly received from a Verizon Wireless debt collector.

Burrows is suing Verizon Wireless, alleging that a representative from the company "threatened to blow his house up over a $308 unpaid bill."

According to the lawsuit, Burrows arranged a 90-day payment plan with the help of one Verizon debt collector--but shortly thereafter, received a call from another, different representative. Although this bill collector had knowledge of the payment plan, the individual "pressed for immediate payment" and told Burrows, "I am gonna blow your m*****f***ing house up," ABC News reports. (Listen to Burrows' call with the Verizon collector below)

Burrows' incident seems not to be an isolated event. A former debt collector tells ABC News, "Mean works better than nice. In terms of being a debt collector, it does." He adds, "If you can get a woman to cry, that's a slap on the back. That's a badge of honor."

Hear a recording of Burrows' Verizon message, then watch ABC's report in the video below. Verizon came under fire earlier this year for its refusal to disactivate a dead man's account, saying a death certificate was not enough to cancel his service.