06/10/2010 12:13 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Student Named Yale Fan Chooses ... Harvard

Despite what his name implies, Yale Fan is going to Harvard.

The Harvard Crimson's FlyBy blog explains:

Fan, a competitive science researcher from Oregon, was accepted to Yale, Princeton, and Harvard, among other universities that were "similar in academics." After visiting these three in that order, he decided on Harvard.

"I chose Harvard because it combines the different aspects of what these schools have to offer," Fan said. "I like the flexibility of the curriculum. It provides the opportunies to do a lot of different things."

Fan also broke down for FlyBy how his moniker came into being: "Yale" is a phonetic riff on "Ye," his Chinese name. Interestingly enough, Fan told FlyBy that he never "seriously considered" Yale until this year. "I had only thought of [Yale] as a law school," he said.