06/17/2010 09:43 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Colbert To NY Times: 'Go Tweet Yourself' (VIDEO)

Last night Colbert had some words for NY Times standards editor Phil Corbett, who recently banned the paper from using the word "tweet." As an avid tweeter (this publication can say it all it wants), Colbert took the opportunity to mock the Times, firing out gem after gem:

  • "So 'tweet' isn't a standard English word, but 'Krugman' is?"
  • "If you want to get rid of words no one uses, talk to your crosswords editor Will Shortz."
  • In response to Corbett's claim that "Tweet may fade into oblivion," Colbert appropriately responded: "That's not very nice. Twitter hasn't banned the word 'newspaper,' and those have already faded into oblivion."

Taking it a step further, he annoucned that Comedy Central will donate a dollar to the Gulf of America Fund every time his tweet "in honor of oil-soaked birds, 'tweets' are now 'gurgles'" is retweeted.

Colbert closed with a message to Corbett: "Go tweet yourself."