06/29/2010 07:20 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Alan Patricof, Democratic Fundraiser, Believes He Was Russian Spies' Target

Top Democratic fundraiser and close Clinton confidant Alan Patricof has confirmed that he may have been targeted by alleged Russian spies.

Patricof told the Washington Post Tuesday evening that he believes he is the "prominent New York-based financier" referenced in the DOJ's complaint.

"It's just staggering. It's off the charts."

Electronic messages acquired by investigators describe the "financier" as "prominent in politics," "an active fundraiser for [a major political party, name omitted]," and "a personal friend of [a current Cabinet official, name omitted]."

Cynthia Murphy, one of the accused, was allegedly told by her contacts to build up a rapport with Patricof in hopes that he would provide her with "US foreign policy roumors [sic]."

Patricof, who served as the finance chairman for Hillary Clinton's senate campaign, says he "never discussed anything but paying the bills and taxes in normal phone calls or meetings."

Politico's Ben Smith first identified Patricof as the possible mystery financier.

(Note: Mr. Patricof is one of the investors in The Huffington Post)