06/29/2010 11:52 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Ali Hasan Slams Jane Norton For Latest Ad

In a recent interview, Jane Norton's campaign manager, Josh Penry, told the Hotline that the Senate candidate's latest ad, in which she rips the foreign policy of "liberals in Washington," is emblematic of the campaign's new strategy to "[pick] a fight with the left."

"We knew we were going to get flak from the left, and frankly, welcome it," Penry gloated.

Now, it seems, the campaign's new focus on terrorism is drawing flak from more than just the left.

Ali Hasan, former Republican State Treasurer candidate and the most prominent Muslim in Colorado politics slammed Norton in a guest column for the Colorado Statesman:

Nothing has hurt the GOP more than Republican candidates who appear senseless or racist -- Jane Norton, candidate for the U.S. Senate, has managed to appear as both.

In a redesign of her campaign theme, Norton's Web site now carries a video that starts with the bold quote, "OBAMA DOCTRINE TO MAKE CLEAR NO WAR ON ISLAM -- REUTERS, 5.26.10." The quote plays over a chorus of dark sounds, communicating that Norton disagrees with Obama -- she doesn't want to go to war against 'radical Islam' or 'fundamentalist Muslims' -- no, Norton wants to go after "Islam."

As the video plays, one waits for explanation of why all Muslims should be slaughtered, but Norton offers nothing. Is her desire to kill all Muslims based on the fact that many Muslims have brown skin? Or that some speak with accents? Or that some wear turbans? The fact that the quote was displayed without direct explanation leaves the door open to assume that Norton is a racist.

However, Norton proudly insinuates that she has not "forgotten" the tragic attacks of 911, potentially meaning that all Muslims should be slaughtered for the sake of preventing another 911? Now this is pure stupidity and a complete departure from the President W. Bush strategy of winning the war.

Hasan, who has endorsed Norton's opponent, Ken Buck, is not the only conservative to criticize Norton for the ad. Right-wing Denver Post columnist called the ad "curious," and accused Norton on grossly oversimplifying Obama's policies regarding Islamic extremism.

In response to criticism over the recent ad, the Norton campaign has said "when it comes to our nation's defenses and the war on terror, we need candor and steel and resolve - not political correctness."