07/05/2010 03:16 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

John Boehner's Feud With Obama Continues As GOP Leader Goes On Attack (VIDEO)

House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) continued his public spat with the Obama administration on Monday, releasing a new video in which he accused President Obama of focusing on the wrong priorities.

The video is an extension of an ongoing feud between the GOP leader and the Obama team over comments Boehner made comparing the financial crisis to an "ant."

"Mr. President, what about the country?" Boehner says in the video. "Why aren't you focused on cutting spending now?"

He continued: "Why isn't the president focused on creating jobs that the American people are asking for?"

Last week Boehner, in an interview with the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, said that a "political rebellion" akin to the American revolution of 1776 is brewing and that the Wall Street reform bill currently moving through Congress is comparable to "killing an ant with a nuclear weapon."

The White House responded forcefully to those comments. Press Secretary Robert Gibbs called the GOP leader "completely out of touch with America." The DNC chimed in with a mocking Web video.

Here's Boehner's attempt to fight back: