07/06/2010 01:07 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Men's Health Kellan Lutz Cover Clothing Credit Raises Eyebrows

It's not often that the tiny type on the cover of a magazine draws attention -- especially when there are shirtless models to look at instead. But one line on the cover of the most recent issue of Men's Health magazine -- "Kellan wears Calvin Klein Jeans" -- raised some eyebrows. The cover featured Calvin Klein model and "Twilight" actor Kellan Lutz.

Usually, the clothing credits for photo shoots are found inside the magazine, which is why the mention of Calvin Klein on the front seemed odd to the New York Times. But editor David Zinczkenko told the paper that, rather than signaling a too-close relationship to an advertiser, the credit had been moved to the front as an "innovation" to better serve readers:

"Rather than make readers hunt and peck for information on the clothes featured on the cover, it's there for easy access," he said. The magazine has been including the credits on its cover for more than a year, including mentions of Adidas and Patagonia.

The Times also spoke to the head of the American Society of Magazine Editors, who said he did not think that Men's Health broke any of the industry's guidelines.