07/06/2010 04:47 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

UPS Luggage Box: Will People Start Shipping Their Luggage (POLL)?

We avoid checking bags as often as possible these days, considering the ridiculous fees that goes with it. UPS came up with a solution of sorts--a luggage box--to try and remedy the issue. The company offers direct-to-destination shipping of these luggage boxes (which come in small and large sizes), has "a sturdy handle for easy carrying," and is made of recyclable corrugate. The company claims that since the luggage box costs less than an empty suitcase, it will cost less to ship the suitcase than check a bag. costs $12.95 for a small box and $17.95 for a large (and it's only available at some stores).

The company's press release has a quote from John Minetola of a UPS store in Wyoming, PA: "Not having to carry a suitcase while traveling is a great convenience. Even better is luggage awaiting your arrival at a destination or hotel. You can ship your luggage as is; place it in a box for shipment, or at select locations purchase a luggage box, eliminating the need for a suitcase altogether."

What the company says is true: it is comparatively priced with baggage fees from airlines when shipped UPS Ground. Some travelers have long shipped their luggage ahead; but it remains to be seen if this new effort take off (no pun intended) or not.

Photo courtesy of UPS