07/09/2010 03:52 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

HuffPost Comedy Wants YOU! Submit Your Questions For D.L. Hughley!

Calling all HuffPost Comedy readers! We need your help. You may have already seen some of the video interviews we have been doing, where we ask your favorite comics to give their take on current news and pop culture topics. The best part? They're answering YOUR questions. You've asked Janeane Garofalo who her conservative crush is (Obama) and Lisa Lampanelli what kind of feminine hygiene product Glenn Beck would be (exactly what you think).

Up next: D.L. Hughley. And again, we want YOU to ask the questions! What would you like him to answer? Questions can range from the topical regarding top news stories, to the personal regarding his career and interests. For example, what does he think of Lebron James? What are his thoughts on Mel Gibson's tirades? You get the idea. Submit your questions below and look out for the video next week to see if D.L. answered one of your queries!