07/13/2010 08:32 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

8 Ways To Keep Cool Without Air Conditioning (PHOTOS)

From The Daily Green's Senior Editor Dan Shapley:

With much of the U.S. experiencing a summer heat wave, everyone's thinking about cooling off. While the modern office, and 84% of U.S. homes use air conditioners, we can all save money by using them less; after all, the typical U.S. home spends 17% of its annual energy bill on cooling - about $375.

We can all save energy, too, which on the hottest summer days can have an immediate payoff: avoiding an electricity blackout caused by an overloaded power grid. Here are eight trustworthy tips for cooling your home (and yourself) without the use of the air conditioner - or at least without as much use of the air conditioner.

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8 Ways To Keep Cool Without Air Conditioning

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