07/16/2010 08:46 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

LA's Winners Of The Week, July 16

A weekly round-up of LA's big winners. Click here to see the losers.

Christopher Nolan: : Nolan's "Inception", perhaps the most anticipated movie of the summer, opened to a solid $3 million in its midnight screenings, and the movie's success could have big implications for future blockbusters. The LA Times writes: "If "Inception" does well, look for a slew of stories about how Hollywood will now start taking risks. Of course, in this case risks are making movies that don't have a number in them after the title."

Laurence Fishburne: : Just as Elena Kagan's confirmation hearings brought Thurgood Marshall back into the national spotlight, Fishburne's portrayal of the Supreme Court Justice opened at the Geffen Playhouse to near universal acclaim.

Homesick New Yorkers: On the eve of the opening of Magnolia Bakery's west coast outpost comes word that Di Fara, widely regarded as New York's best pizzeria, will be coming west. Now will Blue Ribbon please get its act together and open up shop out here?

Derek Fisher: Sure, he might have teased us with crazy talk of following Lebron to Miami, but the veteran point guard is staying in LA, where he has played 11 of his 14 seasons.