07/20/2010 04:55 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Jerry Griffin, Former Homeless Man, Turns His Life Around Through Volunteering

Jerry Griffin started volunteering at the Food Bank of Northern Indiana enthusiastic about changing the direction his life was heading. At one point, Griffin was living on the streets, abusing drugs and alcohol.

Griffin began volunteering at the food bank to fulfill volunteer hours at a Center for the Homeless job training program. He chose the food bank because he has experienced hunger first hand.

"To me, there's nothing worse than hunger. You can't even function knowing that your stomach is empty and aching for food," he said.

Once Griffin completed his hours, and still didn't have a job, he decided to continue volunteering as a maintenance worker. A short while later, he was offered a job.

"I would encourage anyone that's unemployed, that doesn't have anything to come down and volunteer, because they'll find out it's so rewarding. It's just really wonderful."

Sober for four years, Griffin now lives in a transitional house and hopes to have his own place soon. He continues to give back, donating money to local organizations and motivating others to make a difference in his community.

WSBT reports from South Bend, Indiana.