07/23/2010 02:50 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Glenn Beck Calls Brian Urlacher A 'Neo-Nazi' (VIDEO)

Glenn Beck isn't afraid to rag on the biggest names in politics and media. Apparently, he's not afraid of one of the biggest names in sports, either -- a 6'4", 260-lb. name with a reputation for hitting hard.

Beck and Chicago Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher both appeared on a list compiled by, an online-only magazine of black culture started by Henry Louis Gates. The list was of "The Blackest White Folks We Know," celebrities who, in the editors' eyes, stake some claim to "blackness."

Urlacher made the cut because "[i]n an era when most of the notable white NFL players are quarterbacks and kickers, Urlacher stands out as one of the most well-known and successful linebackers in NFL history," the magazine wrote. As for Beck, The Root commends the time he "actually gave a black history lesson on his cable TV show. Yet we suspect we'll have to revoke it after his upcoming rally at the Lincoln Memorial on the 'I Have a Dream' speech anniversary."

How did Beck respond to the list? Well, he posted the faces of his 32 fellow blackest white folks on his signature blackboard, and ripped into them.

In addition to describing James Carville as "a space alien," Beck said of the 2005 NFL Defensive Player of the Year and frequent Special Olympics volunteer, "I think this guy's a neo-Nazi."

Watch Beck on Urlacher and others: