07/24/2010 09:34 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Luxury Travel: Inside The Art Of Journeying Well (PHOTOS)

Anthony Lassman has dedicated himself to what he calls, "the art of journeying." His passion to discover and perfect the optimum methods of luxury travel has garnered a wide following from many of the world's most influential people.

Lassman has just relaunched the Nota Bene website, offering a service that reviews destinations, hotels, restaurants, spas, beauty products and therapists, and stores/boutiques. It examines trends, emerging locations, and specialist subjects such as wine and areas of culture. The Nota Bene Review and Nota Bene Pulse allow the users constant access to the latest trends particular to each destination. The new service is available via the i-Pad and has a joining fee of $5000, which includes one year of frequently updated service.

Lassman's motivation for starting Nota Bene stemmed from his frustration at rarely getting definitive, impartial answers to many of the questions frequently asked of travel agents and travel journalists.

As a passionate traveler, Lassman is forever on a quest to uncover the finest experiences in every destination, being sure to revisits them as often as possible to maintain their relevance. Certain places inevitably stand out as "the best" however, so here are some of the locations about which he is most passionate.