Glenn Beck: Howard Dean 'Completely Unpegged From The Truth' (VIDEO)

Glenn Beck responded to Howard Dean's comments about him and Fox News Monday.

On "Fox News Sunday," Dean told Chris Wallace that Fox News was "absolutely racist" in its handling of the Shirley Sherrod story. Dean also added that that although the video didn't play on Fox News until after Sherrod was fired, it was "about to go on 'Glenn Beck.'"

On his Fox News show, Beck called Dean's comments "completely unpegged from the truth."

"Unfortunately for them, they're not really good at mind-reading because I didn't play it," Beck said, "and when I finally did — approximately 26 hours after she was fired, the next night — I took Shirley Sherrod's side! Now Howard, thats kind of a pesky little inconvenient fact that that maybe you shouldn't bypass."

Beck told his viewers that his detractors are terrified of them.

"The problem is that you are in control," he told his audience. "You have gotten under their skin to such a degree they cannot get you out of their heads."