07/28/2010 02:13 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

The Live Tony Hayward Cam: Colbert Tracks BP CEO's Resignation (VIDEO)

While Colbert was on vacation last week, he missed some big events. Aside from the Shirley Sherrod fiasco, he missed the first successful capping of the BP oil spill. While Colbert was more than pleased to find out the oil had stopped gushing, he was even more excited to hear that Tony Hayward would be resigning immediately. That is, if by "immediately" you mean this October.

Just like the oil spill, "resigning" Tony Hayward is a long, complicated process that is going to take some time. To keep us posted on the status of his resignation, Colbert unveiled BP's live Tony Hayward cam. Watch to see the many ways BP attempts to get rid of Hayward, including having a robotic arm try to hand him a pink slip, and shooting him full of garbage and old golf balls. Colbert also sent his best wishes to those attempting to get rid of Hayward, saying, "our hearts go out to the Hazmat workers, who will soon be on the beaches cleaning up balls of Hayward."