08/04/2010 12:20 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Verizon Tablet Release Could Be Set For Fall 2010 (REPORT)

The Financial Times has dug up additional information about a tablet that Motorola and Verizon reportedly have in the works.

According to the Financial Times, the tablet will be running Google's Android operating system, have a ten-inch screen, and "tie closely to Verizon's FiOS digital pay-television service." "The Motorola tablet's integration with TV is a key competitive advantage against rival developers," the FT writes.

The device could be out in the U.S. as soon as fall 2010.

Verizon Chief Executive Lowell McAdam said earlier this year that he considered tablets one of the "next big wave of opportunities" and that Verizon and Google were working together on a tablet PC.

According to the New York Times, at a party earlier this year Google CEO Eric Schmidt "told friends [...] about the new device, which would exclusively run the Android operating system."

See CNN's report on the rumored Motorola/Verizon tablet below.