08/11/2010 01:35 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

LA River Rafting With George Wolfe

Via NBC LA: Last month we wrote about the Hidden LA River Tours with Jenny Price, but if a walking exploration of the Los Angeles River is too tame for your tastes, check out LA River Expeditions.

LA River Expeditions is led by George Wolfe, who in 2008 led a kayaking group down the 51-mile LA River. His efforts to prove the river navigable, in addition to the efforts of a coalition of community groups, eventually led to this summer's announcement by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that the LA River was "traditional navigable waters" and thus subject to Clean Water Act environmental regulations.

In light of the new environmental designation, NBC LA reports:

Now Councilman Ed Reyes is proposing a motion which would to decriminalize non-motorized boating in the Los Angeles River. But George Wolfe hasn't been sitting around waiting for politicians to wade through the red tape, he's asked the Army Corps of Engineers if it's ok to conduct his LA River expeditions. There answer has been a definitive maybe, so launch he does.

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Wolfe's wife, Thea Mercouffer, is creating a documentary based on Wolfe's three-day kayaking journey called Rock The Boat. And while George Wolfe has decided to go ahead with the expeditions, right now his website currently only has sign ups for "future river expeditions," no specific dates.