08/11/2010 07:45 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Rosanne Cash Memoir: Disscusses Tweeting on Good Morning America

Rosanne Cash, daughter of country music legend Johnny Cash, discusses her new memoir, "Composed," on Good Morning America. It took ten years to write--there were major life interruptions such as making records and brain surgery. Her biggest fear was that after surgery she'd lose her ability to play music, but it made her appreciation even deeper.

About her father, Johnny Cash, she writes, "I have done an exhausting dance with his legacy my entire life." But he left her a list of songs, a legacy that she now understands as her DNA.

Joan Anderman in The Boston Globe says of "Composed":

It's the author's weaving of history and experience with a deep sense of reflection, at once clear-eyed and nearly impressionistic, that makes "Composed'' such a pleasure to read.

And in The New York Times is the following description:

In the late 1950s and early 1960s...a knock at her family's front door usually meant that some kind of crazy drama was about to burst into being.

It might be a folk singer standing outside, drunk out of his mind and begging for "salvation and inspiration." Sometimes the knocks came from "addicts, preachers or the occasional sex kitten." Everyone wanted a piece of Johnny Cash, who was mostly out of town, playing music, getting into trouble. No one wanted a piece of him more than Ms. Cash, his eldest daughter, did.

Read an excerpt of "Composed" here.