08/12/2010 12:55 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Maura Tierney Talks Cancer & TV Return

Maura Tierney is making a return to television this fall after fighting breast cancer. The cancer diagnosis caused her to drop out of NBC's 'Parenthood,' and she was replaced on that show by Lauren Graham.

Life & Style caught up with Tierney at a press event for her new show. From their press release:

A year after breast cancer forced her to drop out of NBC's Parenthood, Maura Tierney is back on the small screen as a prosecutor in ABC's fall crime drama The Whole Truth.

"It's a blanket statement that my perspective has changed," Maura, 45, tells Life & Style. "It's a priority for me now to be able to work with people I really like and trust."

The Emmy nominated ER actress, who debuted her new shorter hairdo at ABC's TCA Press Party on Aug. 1, says she tried to "maintain her health" throughout her treatment and even joked with Life & Style about her post-chemo haircut. "I'm glad it's there," she says. "It's a lot quicker to dry, and it's on my head."