08/19/2010 08:49 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Jon Stewart Brings Back His Glenn Beck Impression (VIDEO)

Jon Stewart making fun of Glenn Beck or exposing his contradictory statements is a regular occurrence on "The Daily Show" but Stewart doing his impression of Beck (chalkboard and all) is a rare and wonderful occurrence.

Stewart kicked off the show last night with the news that News Corp., the company that owns FOX News, donated $1 million to the Republican party. He showed a slew of clips where Beck and his FOX counterpart Bill O'Reilly used portions of their shows to follow the elaborate "web" that is campaign funding, how donors are connected to the parties they fund, and suggested that contributors to the Democratic party are conspiring together in some way.

Stewart then decided to do a little tracing of his own, and pulled out the chalkboard to show the direct line between News Corp.'s donation and the GOP.

"This is a travesty," Stewart said. "I really think, if anything, the Republicans should be paying FOX News millions and millions of dollars."