08/18/2010 08:22 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Rick Moody Rips Author Blogs

Rick Moody, author of "The Ice Storm" and other literary works with a strong cult following, claims that old fashioned paper books and the internet "seem inimical to one another." Ironically, the author made the remarks in video clip featured on the website Big Think.

"A lot of writing in blogs is superficial and it's not revised," the author continues. "And so it's got a lot of carelessness about it."

Moody does have a somewhat impudent reputation. Referring to his new novel, "The Four Fingers of Death," The Los Angeles Times wrote, "Moody is cynical, in a cowboy sort of way."

Does this mean that Moody is good enough to ditch the internet all together?

The New York Times does not seem to think so: "It's no fun to read," the paper wrote about his newest novel.

But what do you think? Should authors continue to blog?