08/19/2010 02:24 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Tyson Ritter's 'Don't Hate On Haiti' Campaign Raises Funds For Relief Efforts

Tyson Ritter, lead singer of the All-American Rejects, has launched the Don't Hate on Haiti campaign, planning to raise money to help Haitians rebuild from the devastating disaster.

Ritter came up with the idea while watching footage of the earthquake on CNN, when he penned the words "don't hate on Haiti" on a Post-it note.

"I felt like if you forget about the disaster in Haiti, it's like hatred. It's like ignorance. It's like turning a blind eye to a car wreck and you're the only one there," says Ritter.

To aid in the relief efforts, Don't Hate on Haiti has partnered with international nonprofit charity:water to help bring clean drinking water to people in Haiti.

According to Ritter, the Don't Hate on Haiti campaign has already raised approximately $15,000 for earthquake relief during this summer's Warped Tour.