08/30/2010 03:23 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Bethenny Frankel: How To Avoid College Weight Gain

Bethenny Frankel has some advice for college students looking to avoid or drop the Freshman 15, or anyone trying to slim down.

She writes on her blog that it is important to choose just one fat in salads and sandwiches and to "pick your battles":

If you're craving fries, have them and a low fat salad. If you want the burger, great; then no fries. A salad wouldn't hurt here either. You decide what the lesser of evils is, what you REALLY want and make it work by making your other choices be healthy ones. I've been known to choose a shake from a fast food joint as my daily sweet treat, yet I've also chosen a plain baked potato and salad when everyone has fried sandwiches. You choose.

And beware of liquid calories, unless they come from Skinnygirl margaritas:

You shouldn't have more than two cocktails. Nothing is sloppier than a drunken college girl; be the wise, mature, respected one. Drink light beer or clear liquor drinks such as vodka or clear tequila or of course Skinnygirl margaritas. I think it's best if you don't drink at all. You will feel and look so much better.

You can read more of Bethenny's college diet tips, including recommendations for stocking your mini fridge, here.

Bethenny recently posed in a bikini for Life & Style just three months after giving birth. Her diet mantra as revealed to the magazine: "Taste everything, eat nothing."