09/01/2010 10:38 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Aswad, Unemployed Man, Gives Up Scheme To Dance For His Rent

A jobless Portland man who put a whimsical spin on his employment predicament now says he's giving up his scheme to make rent by dancing in a skirt on YouTube.

"I can't call it a failure because I was able to pay September's rent thanks to your donations," wrote Aswad, who goes by one name, in a blog post titled "Preparing for homelessness." "But I, and other 99ers are no longer being heard."

Aswad's stunt won attention from local papers and TV in Portland, but after three failed job interviews this month, Aswad says he's calling it quits and researching homeless shelters. "So that's it," he wrote. "I have canceled Will Dance for Rent's Twitter account and the Facebook account will be gone when I move out of my apartment on September 30th."

Unemployment in Oregon stands at 10.6 percent. Nationally, there are five unemployed people for every job available, and of the 14.6 million unemployed, 44.9 percent have been out of work for longer than six months -- an all-time high.

Here is Aswad's first video: