09/08/2010 05:24 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Jesse Jackson Jr., Sandi Jackson And Jonathan Jackson Considering Mayoral Bid

Even before Mayor Daley announced that he would not be seeking a seventh term, there was speculation that Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. would run some day. Now, his wife and brother are considering getting in on the action as well.

Alderman Sandi Jackson told NBC Chicago that she and her husband are both considering a run--but not against one another.

"I love campaigns," Sandi Jackson told NBC. "My husband and I will sit down and decide if either of us will run."

Jackson Jr., the son of Rev. Jesse Jackson, has considered running against Daley in the past--but never went through with it. He also served as national co-chairman of then-Senator Barack Obama's presidential campaign in 2008.

His name was dragged through the mud in 2008--when then-Governor Rod Blagojevich was arrested and accused of trying to sell Obama's senate seat. Jackson Jr. was allegedly one of the people Blagojevich attempted to sell the senate seat to. Blagojevich was ultimately convicted on one count of lying to federal investigators, but faces a retrial in January. Blagojevich's lawyers expressed regret in not calling Jackson Jr. to the stand--and he could have to take it the second time around.

While the list of possible mayoral candidates keeps growing, one surprise on Wednesday was interest from Jonathan Jackson--Jesse Jackson Jr.'s brother and a professor at Chicago State University.

"I had not seriously considered it before but now I am," Jonathan Jackson told the Chicago Defender. "I will take a strong look at it and make a decision fairly soon."

Should be an interesting few weeks for the Jackson family.