09/09/2010 05:39 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

UCLA Anderson Announces Plan To Reject State Aid

According to Bloomberg Businessweek, UCLA's Anderson School of Management might join the ranks of a few public graduate programs that refuse state aid. Although Dean Judy Olian hopes private enterprises might help cover the resulting dearth in funds, she acknowledges that such a refusal will probably lead to a hike in tuition costs.

Olian believes that breaking from public funding is a necessary step for Anderson as state support flounders. As she told the Los Angeles Times:

State support has declined so significantly that we've asked ourselves what is the best model to sustain the excellence of the school and the excellence of what we can do in this region.

In spite of Olian's reassurances, some still fear that a movement away from public funding is a step towards privatization.

Last year, the University of California system regents announced a plan to increase undergraduate tuition 32 percent.

The Anderson plan awaits final approval.

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