09/13/2010 07:10 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

UK Grandma Admits To Concealing Births Of 4 Stillborn Babies, Hiding Them In Wardrobe

A 55-year-old UK grandmother has confessed to concealing the births of four of her children, and keeping the remains of three in a plastic container hidden in her wardrobe, reports the UK Press Association.

According to reports, Bernadette Quirk buried one infant in a nearby cemetery and wrapped the other three in old newspapers and rags before storing them in a small bin lined with an air freshener. She is said to have given birth to the babies between 1985 and 1995. All four of the babies, including a set of twins, were girls.

When questioned, Quirk reportedly struggled recalling details of the deliveries, and could not remember the fourth child. Her attorney says the births occurred during a time when she had been known to drink heavily. "She would just like to make it clear, as supported by the medical evidence, the children were stillborn when she gave birth to them," Ian Morris, Quirk's attorney, told the BBC. "She is at a loss to explain many of the things that were happening in her life at that period."

The remains were discovered in July by Quirk's daughter, who contacted local police. Quirk is expected to be sentenced Oct. 11.

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