09/14/2010 12:51 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

DIY Animal Shelter: Man Volunteers To Care For Strays Out Of His House

An Ohio animal lover is trying to care for all the strays in need in his county, WDTN reports.

Because Shelby County did not have the funding to run a Humane Society, Mike Lescowitch opened his home to animals and a volunteer team that cares for them. Lescowitch has hosted up to 44 animals at a time.

Though his house is now officially the Shelby County Humane Society, all the funding for the operation comes from donations and Lescowitch also maintains a separate full-time job in addition to caring for the animals, explained WDTN.

"There are days that I wake up and say, "Oh, God, I'm not going to do this anymore,"" said Lescowitch. "Then I get out of bed and take the first call that shows up. We do what we love. Why we do it? We're crazy."


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