09/30/2010 02:31 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Buffett And Gates Ask Chinese Tycoons To Give Back

Chinese moguls came out in promising numbers Wednesday night to meet Warren Buffett and Bill Gates at a dinner near Beijing, CNN reported. The turnout defied rumors that the Chinese would shun what some saw as American philanthropic imperialism.

The meet and greet gave Buffett and Gates a chance to stress the importance of philanthropy to the Chinese billionaires. Financiers in China have donated little of their wealth compared to U.S. entrepreneurs. According to CNN,

In 2009, a government-sponsored honor roll listed 121 Chinese philanthropists who donated a combined $277 million, less than half of what a single American family -- financier Stanley Druckenmiller and his wife -- gave away in the same year in the United States.

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