10/05/2010 04:17 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Female Crash Dummies To Debut In Government Tests (VIDEO)

The government admits it's taken far too long to incorporate female crash dummies in its tests, and that is finally going to change, ABC News reports (watch the report below).

A new ratings system will also be implemented for 2011 tests. The idea is "more stars, safer cars," according to Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood.

"We think [the changes are] a step in the right direction," says Adrian Lund of the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

Lund's organization has used female dummies in side test crashes since 2003 and research has shown women can be more vulnerable in some types of accidents.

"Smaller people have their seats further forward that tends to put their heads right in the middle of the window," Lund added.