10/05/2010 07:24 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

MTV Helps Combat Bullying With iPhone App

Bullies may be able hurl insults and throw punches but what happens when their bad behavior goes viral?

Just in time for National Bullying Prevention month, MTV is launching an iPhone app that gives victims the ability to expose their tormentors' offensive acts. Mashable is hopeful that "Over The Line" will:

"encourage young people to think critically about what they're doing to their friends."

The app, an offshoot of the digital harassment site "A Thin Line", helps the offended identify if a bully has gone too far. Users vote whether the anonymous posts are "over" "on" or "under" the line. If the posts register as too harsh, the site provides options for taking control from emergency hotlines to expert referrals.

Visitors to the site can also contribute to the "digital bill of rights."

Test the app's power for yourself at