10/12/2010 12:36 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Colbert Knocks GOP Repudiation Of Rich Iott's Nazi Uniform (VIDEO)

Last night on the "Report," Stephen Colbert discussed the recent scandal surrounding Ohio Republican congressional candidate Rich Iott after photos emerged of him dressed in a traditional Nazi uniform during a historical reenactment. Colbert both defended his reasons for dressing in the fascist garb and took a shot at the GOP - particularly Eric Cantor - for turning on him despite letting numerous other candidates' gaffes slide.

Iott defended the photos by saying he is only fascinated Germany's history and how "from a strictly military point of view" the country "accomplished incredible things."

"See?" Colbert said. "He's just fascinated by Nazis because they're 'incredible.'''

But, as Colbert found out, Republican whip Eric Cantor "ran away from a fellow Republican" and repudiated Iott's actions.

"Thanks a lot Cantor," Colbert lamented. "Without your support now Iott's going to lose the Jewish vote."

Colbert's bigger concern was that "up until now tea party candidates could do anything without rebuke from party leaders." He listed O'Donnell's "witch" scandal and Carl Paladino's remarks about gays and emailing of a bestiality video as examples.

"So to recap, for the Republican leadership, the line you can't cross- as is so often the case in life - is dressing like a Nazi," Colbert concluded. "Thankfully, dressing the President as a Nazi? Still OK."