Sarah Palin: Democrats Are 'Residents Of Some Unicorn Ranch'

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin found an interesting new attack on Democrats Thursday night, telling an audience in San Jose, Calif. that leaders of the party "act like they're permanent residents of a unicorn ranch in fantasyland."

In a speech put on by the conservative Liberty and Freedom Foundation, Palin extended her customary criticism of Democrats to Californian politicians Sen. Barbara Boxer and gubernatorial candidate Jerry Brown.

"California would need to create more than four million jobs over the next 10 years to keep up," Palin said. "Does anyone seriously think that the liberal policies of Pelosi and Reid and Obama -- heck a Boxer and a Brown -- are going to be able to turn this around and get the job done."

Palin continued:

"They act like they're permanent residents of a unicorn ranch in fantasyland if they really think they're gonna be able to turn it around with the liberal policies they have to continue, and you know, it's pixie dust."

According to the San Francisco Chronicle's report on Palin's appearance, her speech was limited mainly to sniping at Democrats, though she did commend California for being the "state that puts a mama grizzly on its flag." She didn't even mention the Republican candidates for Senate and governor, Carly Fiorina and Meg Whitman. The two candidates, both of whom have been endorsed by Palin, declined to appear at the event.

Watch the video, from the San Francisco Chronicle: