10/21/2010 05:55 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Dick Morris Pushed Group On Fox News Without Saying They Paid Him: Media Matters

Media Matters reports that, during multiple appearances on Fox News, pundit and political strategist Dick Morris promoted a group raising money in support of Republican candidates in Nevada -- without disclosing that the group, Americans for New Leadership, was also paying him thousands of dollars.

Media Matters documented several instances where Morris touted the work of ANL, an independent group set up to defeat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid in his race with Sharron Angle. These included an appearance on "On The Record" in August, where he told Greta van Susteren that the group's advertising in support of Angle had helped her gain in the polls against Reid.


Morris also mentioned the group on multiple episodes of "Hannity." In one appearance, he said that "Harry Reid isn't coming back. One of the big reasons is the support that your viewers have given that's been funding that race."

But Media Matters unearthed the forms the group had to file with the Federal Election Commission. They showed the ANL paid Morris' Triangulation Strategies group over $25,000 for "fundraising email expenses." In addition, Media Matters said, Morris sent seven separate emails to his mailing list asking recipients to donate money to the group.