11/02/2010 06:06 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Country Ham: An American Culinary Treasure

Nils and I recently visited the great state of Kentucky, home to some of the finest country ham producers in the world - including Finchville Farms.

While visiting Finchville it dawned on me that I've never posted on country ham. The shame! Before I was known for tech many people knew me as that guy who loves country ham. I've always loved it; I have fond memories of my grandma serving it to me with her red-eye gravy. I became a certifiable country ham nut in 2004, while trying to start The Museum of Food and Drink (I'm still trying to get that off the ground.) I was researching country ham for an exhibit, with the goal of spreading my belief that American Country Ham is a national culinary treasure that can be appreciated in a very modern way by eating it uncooked and sliced thin on a meat slicer -the same way we enjoy prosciutto.