11/03/2010 02:50 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

'Seinfeld' Lawyer Jackie Chiles Returns With Hilarious New Legal Ad (VIDEO)

Who doesn't like a good "Seinfeld" comeback? Cosmo Kramer's lawyer (and Johnnie Cochran parody) Jackie Chiles is back in action after many years, and guess what? He's moved to Los Angeles and is practicing law once again.

Chiles hasn't changed a bit. If anything, his spirits have been lifted by Barack Obama becoming President. To him, having a black man in the White House is a miracle (as he says, "We countin' on you sucka!")

In this commercial for his legal services from Funny Or Die, Chiles encourages anyone seeking to file a lawsuit to contact him immediately. Did you get plastic surgery that made you look like a "13th century Siamese cat?" Then you need Chiles!