11/08/2010 01:38 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Steve Cooley Pulls Ahead Of Kamala Harris In California AG Race

The latest numbers released from the California Secretary of State in the too close to call California Attorney General's race find Republican Steve Cooley pulling slightly ahead of Kamala Harris, leading 46.1% to 45.6% (44,058 votes).

The LA Times reports that there is still a ways to go before a winner is declared:

The lead in the attorney general's race has see-sawed between the two candidates since election night, and with considerably more than 1 million ballots remaining to count, could easily reverse again. Several large counties, including Los Angeles, Orange and San Diego, did not report updated counts in the attorney general's race Sunday. At last count, those three counties among them had reported some 885,000 ballots remaining, mostly mail-in ballots that arrived in election offices on election day, but also provisional ballots and ballots that could not be machine counted because they were damaged.