11/08/2010 12:55 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

'The Simpsons' Spoof 'Twilight: Daniel Radcliffe Voices Edward Cullen In 'Treehouse Of Horror XXI' (VIDEO)

"The Simpsons" did their annual "Treehouse Of Horror" episode last night, and while it wasn't the most memorable episode, it did feature a pretty hilarious "Twilight" parody. Appropriately dubbed "Tweenlight," the story revolved around Lisa falling head over heels for Springfield Elementary's latest student - a dashing vampire voiced by Daniel Radcliffe.

Not surprisingly, the voice of Harry Potter seemed natural coming from an animated Robert Pattinson, undoubtedly sending every female fantasy geek into a frenzy. One of the best parts, however, comes toward the end when Homer is taken to a neighborhood occupied exclusively by famous vampires. See if you can spot all of film and television's most well-known blood-suckers.