11/09/2010 03:14 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Miners Killed In Chile Weeks After Rescue

Just two weeks after a dramatic rescue of 33 miners in Chile, two miners have been killed in the same region, reports the AP. Said Mariano Garrido of the National Geology and Mining Service, "We did not know it existed." The AP noted that oversight is loose in Chile's vast Atacama Desert.

Five miners escaped the blast, according to Bloomberg. The Telegraph said that the two dead were identified as Homero Aguirre, 40, and Daniel Lazcano, 26.

The mine was not far from where 33 miners were rescued during a 70-day rescue operation to huge worldwide interest. Those miners are now the subject of an upcoming movie and have been invited to Israel to visit Christian holy lands for Christmas, the AP is reporting.

Mining Minister Laurence Golborne promised that Chile was revamping its rules and regulations for small mines in an October 25 interview, according to Bloomberg.